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The company SOLDO CONSTANT LTD will be sold to the head of the company BEYOND PAY – Dmitry Sokolov with headquarters on the island of Cyprus.

On August 15, 2022 it became known that Dmitry Sokolov will become the new owner of the entire structure of SOLDO CONSTANT LTD (BENED)

Bened is a decentralized cryptocurrency with an environmentally friendly mining method for each owner. Achieving the consensus of the decentralized network and the integrity of the blockchain is achieved thanks to the advanced developments of Soldo Constant LTD.

“Thanks to Bened Hash, you can record any event in the blockchain, and your cryptographic signature will be an unbreakable confirmation of the record. We have tried to combine security and hash functions, the use of which is in demand in various spheres of human life. It seems to me that we have come up with something that is not yet close to the market. This is the world chronicle of events! This is a chronicle written by people who speak different languages, profess different religions, and live in different parts of the globe. With the help of BenedHash, I am sure for sure, the past, present and future of you and your family existed, exists and will always exist.” – the leader of the Bened company told about his project.
Since the company represents not only a blockchain platform for the decentralized storage of recorded events, which are loaded by burning BND coins in the proportion of 10 billion per 1 kilobyte of event information, but also an entire ecosystem that cannot function if divided into parts.
Therefore, Beyond pay acquires a business model and the entire company as a whole, not excluding the HARD MINING and SOFT MINING models, becoming the main strategic partner of the Bened cryptocurrency. Thus, the development team remains at their workplaces, and the server capacity is transferred to a new owner with data retention. Negotiations were conducted for more than a year, this is stated in the open message of the Bened brand.

“Following the completion of all necessary procedures, control over the entire international business of the Bened brand will be fully transferred to BEYOND PAY. Currently, the Bened team continues to work normally,” the message says. The merger was completed on August 22, 2022.

Dmitry Sokolov, CEO of BEYOND PAY, talks about this transaction as one of the planned steps towards expanding his company in the blockchain world. In turn, the top manager of Bened- Boris Batalov states that the company: “It is important now to transfer the business into the hands of a reliable player with a strong reputation and excellent further development prospects. But the most important and sacred event is that the Blessed island of Cyprus has become the location of our company. We really hope that the extensive knowledge of Mr. Dmitry Sokolov and the blessed air of Cyprus will allow us to embody the best traditions of the past and present and help us to gain the power of the golden soldo in the future.”

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