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Qstoves’ latest product line bakes a perfectly cooked pizza in just 90 seconds.

New York City, NY — Qstoves is proud to launch its latest product Qubestove, a Smart 2-in-1 Rotating Pizza Oven and Stove. This innovative combination of oven and stove creates a seamless experience where the 16.5-inch extra large oven and automated rotating motor work together to create a perfectly cooked pizza at home. Qubestove eliminates temperature monitoring as it is the first of its kind to feature a ceramic glass design to keep track of the cooking process and regulate the temperature up to 1000°F/535°C in 10 minutes.

Outdoor cooking doesn’t always have to be hamburgers and hotdogs over a fire. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are finding different ways to cook at home. According to new studies, the eat-at-home trend will not decline after the pandemic, and 92% of families plan to continue eating at home at least as often. As the current trend spans all dining options throughout the state, this versatile appliance is key to preparing delicious dishes at their core. Perfect for a backyard party, the dual-fuel design is compatible with propane gas and wood pellets, allowing users to achieve the best cooking results without compromise.



“Our latest Qubestove 2-in-1 rotating pizza oven & stove can be used for many leisure activities such as outdoor camping or backyard parties. At the same time, it is also an essential survival appliance when the electricity goes down during an emergency outage,” says the founder of Qstoves.

The upgraded burner in all Qubestove products features a low-power cooking function, faster charging time, and a fully functional body. This new feature allows users to experience better flame performance when cooking at any temperature. In addition, Qubestove uses high-speed heating technology to make it convenient for users to enjoy tasty meals such as roast chicken and other delicious grilled dishes in just a few minutes, anytime, anywhere.

Double Layer Insulation, Portable and Detachable

Compared to other 12-inch appliances on the market, Qstoves have developed the technology of double layer insulation so that the stove is built with a better ability to retain heat preservation. Furthermore, the Qubestove is easy to detach and assemble with its foldable legs, making it quick to install. Moreover, the portability of this smart 2-in-1 pizza oven and stove is intended for campers who can easily fit the product into the trunk of a car, a camper, and more.

Key Product Features

  • 16.5-inch Oven Size: Allow users to cook a full-size and extra-large pizza for any occasion.
  • Innovative Rotating Stone Design: Allows users to cook pizza and other dishes evenly without burning.
  • High-speed Heating Technology: Up to 1000°F/535°C in 10 minutes and pizza ready in just 90 seconds.
  • Detachable and Portable: Users can take it with them on the go and put it in their RVs/trucks.
  • 10-inch Ceramic Glass: Allows greater and clearer visibility to keep track of the cooking process at all times.
  • Burner Compatibility Design: Users have total control over the heating temperature.
  • Built-in Thermometer: Users can easily check the temperature on the surface of the pizza oven.
  • Easy setup and maintenance: Users can take apart the appliance and clean it effortlessly.
  • Dual Fuel Options: Compatible with propane gas and wood pellets.
  • Fully enclosed double-layer insulation and high gauge stainless steel.

The Qubestove 2-in-1 Rotating Pizza Oven and Stove will be available on Kickstarter on August 9 for an early bird price.

About Qstoves

QSTOVES’ founders, Kevin and Travis, have been engaged in research, production, and sales of stoves, fireplaces, grills, and other similar products since 2001. Founded in 2015, Qstoves Inc. is dedicated to developing and promoting environmentally friendly, efficient, and renewable fuel stoves. Members of the team are people who love outdoor sports, adventure and exploration. They are close to nature, are inspired by it, and constantly bring new products to market. Currently, the QSTOVES brand products are sold in dozens of countries in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, etc.

QSTOVES offers wood pellet stoves as a sustainable alternative to standard polluting fuels. The company supports sustainable non-fossil biomass fuels that save precious forests and reduce air pollution. A QSTOVES is inexpensive to operate, non-electric and good for the planet, and it uses only renewable resources, thus solving heating problems at a lower cost.

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