B2E LAND is a New Play-to-Earn Game for Crypto Enthusiasts

By | March 10, 2022

The cryptocurrency market has remained a hot topic over the past few years. B2E LAND is presenting NFTs in a way that many people have never experienced before. The blockchain game B2E LAND is both entertaining and profitable for gamers. Play-to-earn games (also known as “blockchain games”) are video games that incorporate blockchain technologies, such as cryptography. In order to earn NFT and other rewards, the player must carry out daily tasks and build a new civilization within the game. It’s not uncommon for gamers to make enough money from blockchain games to cover their daily expenses. In 2021 these types of games drew the attention of players, developers, companies, and AAA publishers in the gaming industry, who were giving their criticism and expressing strong interest in it’s potential.

The setting for the highly anticipated online game B2E LAND is the year 2999, when the melting of the Arctic Ice has engulfed the planet, resulting in a massive rise in sea level. The majority of the earth was flooded, making the land inadequate for the remaining survivors, leaving only a few regions for wealth extraction and agricultural or industrial cultivation.

In the effort to save the rest of humanity, the high leveled B2E project was founded by determined senior astute scientists. In the B2E project, millions of robots were dispatched into space in order to build a large spaceship that would resemble the Earth’s properties. The robots were programmed to operate under human supervision in order to produce the necessary resources within a 15 day stay. After those 15 days the robots would be replaced by investors to continue managing and building the new civilization to meet the needs of mankind.

Fast forward several years and scientists were able to halt the flood after the B2E project was put in place, but the Earth had already suffered major damage. As a result, the Earth became too cramped for human habitation. So the scientists decided to develop a parallel Earth that is safe for human survival and integrated life. Thus, the metaverse came into being. With the help of robots, gamers will be able to secure the planet’s necessities for the foreseeable future. SEDA coins are earned by gamers as they develop and fulfill activities in their own unique environment.

To trade, buy items, characters, lands, and interest in the staking pool, players can utilize the official B2E LAND ERC-20 token, SEDA. Farmers, drivers, beekeepers, and zookeepers are just a few of the character professions that are available to players. TheSEDA token will be available on Coinsbit, which is an award winning cryptocurrency exchange platform, on the 15th of March this year. Become a part of theB2E LAND community and play your part in saving the Earth while earning money.

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