Sentons Powers AirTriggers Feature In Customized Version Of Republic Of Gamers Phone 2 For Tencent Games

By | July 24, 2019

Deployment of Sentons’ new SurfaceWave Processor, which enables AirTriggers in ROG phone 2, offers mobile gamers high level of interactivity


San Francisco, Jul 24, 2019 – (Asia Presswire) – July 24, 2019, Beijing, China: Sentons, the global leader revolutionizing the world of touch and force sensing beyond the screen and beyond glass, has today unveiled its SurfaceWave Processor and a customized sensor module for the Republic of Gamers (ROG) Phone 2 Tencent Games’ customized version.


Sentons collaborated closely with ROG to create a novel user experience with virtualized controls. As a result, Senton’s customized ultrasonic sensing module paired with its SurfaceWave Processor, which powers the key new feature, AirTriggers, in the ROG Phone 2.


AirTriggers are a set of sensors mounted on the inside edge of the ROG Phone. These sensors virtualize the shoulder buttons of a console-based gaming controller and provide extra inputs for enhanced interactivity in gameplay. AirTriggers are software defined and require very low activation force – as light as 5 grams of force, or the weight of a pinch of salt – and yet, able to reject false triggering from flexing the phone. This highly sensitive yet selective control actuates with a simple light tap or swipe, and ultimately gives a deeper experience and more engaging gameplay.


“We’re thrilled with delivering such breakthrough capabilities to ROG Phone 2 to surprise and delight mobile gaming players,” said Jess Lee, President and CEO of Sentons. “After living with the same capacitive touch screens for over 12 years, the human-machine interface for the rectangular slab we all hold so dear – our phone – has finally taken a major step forward.”


Asus said: “The ROG Phone 2 is an anticipated game-changing product that takes advantage of the best-in-industry technologies in processor speed, HDR screen display, and aesthetic visuals from Asus, and ultra-responsiveness from Sentons’ AirTriggers.”


Tencent Games said: “Through continuous innovation and efforts of our game developers, Tencent Games has developed many popular games for gamers. We are confident that this partnership with ROG will drive the integration of superior content and best-in-class hardware to provide more exciting gaming experience to gamers.”   


The release of this sensing technology is the first step along Senton’s broader deployment of their SurfaceWave Processors for mobile gaming and computing platforms. Ultimately, this leads to all surfaces of a device being interactive, and where developers will have the luxury of Software Defined Surfaces (SDSs). With SDSs, game and app designers can dynamically create different interfaces (such as buttons, sliders and jogwheels) and even capture ambient usage modes (handed-ness detection) by leveraging precious yet wasted device surface area. As mobile phones get physically larger and applications become more complex, extending the user interface to all areas of the device will become critical.


About Sentons

Sentons, Inc. is venture-backed and the world leader in advanced touch and force sensing solutions. Sentons’ market defining technology utilizes a combination of ultrasound and direct force sensors, to enable unprecedented ways for users to interact with their personal devices. The result is stunning and intuitive user experiences that extend interactivity to all physical surfaces of a device, beyond the touchscreen. Sentons works with leading OEMs to implement this technology into the next generation of mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic products. Founded in 2011, Sentons is venture funded by New Enterprise Associates and Northern Light Venture Capital.  More information is available at


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